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About Artificial Grass Wholesalers

Our mission is to sell realistic quality artificial grass and turf online, shipping nationwide to DIY consumers and installers, looking to save thousands by purchasing at wholesale prices.

Artificial Grass Wholesalers takes pride in delivering only the very best DIY turf products at the lowest possible price. 

Debating making the switch to artificial grass?

Having that picture perfect lawn that has your neighbors peeking over in envy is now easier to attain and more cost-effective than ever.

Due to the climate conditions in the western states of the United States, synthetic grass/turf has expanded from athletic fields to residential and commercial landscaping. Artificial Grass Wholesalers began in 2014 with the mission of helping homeowners have a more care-free lawn without the financial burden.

Watering, weeding, fertilizing and cutting real grass is time-consuming and can make quite the dent in your pocket – especially during summertime. Unless you live in a rain-heavy area, having perfect grass is hard work! Who wants to water their grass several times a week when you can do it every three months instead?

Let us make your life easier with our eco-friendly products that are 100% recyclable. Our team of specialists provide detailed specifications for landscape architects and designers and are able to install all orders. We are here to help you every step of the way to make the transition to synthetic grass as smooth and easy as possible.

Artificial grass eliminates mud or grass stains and is perfect for kids of all ages and pets. There’s no need to use harsh chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizer, making it safe for the whole family.

Our homes and businesses can be high maintenance enough, your landscaping doesn’t have to be.